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Commercial & Industrial Water Testing

Learn about the quality of your company’s water and find the best solutions.

Learn about the quality of your company’s water and find the best solutions.

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Water Quality Testing For Your Business

The quality of your water is important to restaurants, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other commercial and industrial businesses. Your company relies on water to run your business, so it’s important to you, your customers and to us.

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Impurities such as minerals, dissolved solids, heavy metals or nitrates in water can cause challenges for your processes and damage to utility equipment such as boilers and cooling towers. Contaminants, such as arsenic and PFOAs, can even affect the health of your customers.

Testing your business's water is the first step to providing a solution that protects your capital equipment and provides cleaner, safer and better tasting water to your clients and customers.

Our Analytical Laboratory, which is Certified in National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), analyzes over 29,000 samples a year. We offer a variety of water quality tests, including well water testing, detailed ion testing, total coliform and testing for lead in water, that can be completed quickly with a turnaround time ranging from 24 hours up to five business days depending on the comprehensive water analysis needed.

We care about you and your customers and will use our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained chemists to perform a water test for your business.

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When and Why Should I Test My Water?

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If Your Business Location or Your Water Source Has Moved

Water quality can vary depending on your water source and other environmental factors. Even if your company’s new location has a water treatment system already, you should still test your water to ensure it's effective against any current issues.

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If the Water Has Smell, Taste or Odor Issues

Water with a foul odor or taste could make your eating and drinking anything but enjoyable. For example, iron is known to leave a metallic aftertaste, while chlorine can create an unpleasant bleach smell.

untested water buildup on machinery

If There Is Buildup or Residue

Common indicators of water problems include buildup on fixtures, increased maintenance costs and residue on appliances. If left unresolved, water issues can cause long-term damage to water-using equipment, which can be costly.

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If Production Costs and/or Utility Bills Have Increased

Problem water can cause wear or scale on appliances and utility equipment, which leads to them running less efficiently and using more energy.

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The Culligan Water experts at our Analytical Laboratory are ready to help you find the right solution for your water needs and concerns.

The Culligan Water Commitment

At Culligan Water, we’re the global leader in providing cleaner, safer soft water for a reason: since 1936, we’ve been focused on delivering innovative, sustainable solutions and unparalleled service.

Today, we serve 50 million customers every year with our network of professionally trained technicians, industry-leading warranties and a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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