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Water Dispensing

Culligan water dispensers make it convenient, easy and affordable to always have access to cleaner, better-tasting water on tap.

Whether you’re in your home or office, stylish coolers in compact sizes make it refreshingly simple to get cleaner and tastier water.

Never worry about installation or maintenance, just set a delivery schedule that works for you and let your local Culligan Water Expert take care of the rest!

Bottle-Free Water Cooler Systems

Culligan Bottle-Free® Coolers, also known as bottleless water coolers, provide great-tasting hot and cold water without the water delivery service and the jugs! They can be installed almost anywhere in your home and help minimize the waste associated with single-serve plastic bottles.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensing

Culligan water cooler dispensers bring hot or cold water straight from the bottle to your glass. They come in various, space-saving styles. Energy efficient and low maintenance, these water dispensers are the perfect solution for any home or office.